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Why should you pay for photographer services?

Rhetorical question: why should you pay for photographer services, if an eight-year-old can take photos with modern digital cameras in „auto” mode? Why then can’t a friend or acquaintance with such a new camera do it?

This question is undoubtedly relevant to many. Trying to answer it, I won’t mention how much photo equipment costs or how much money a photographer spends on improvement, although the numbers might arouse curiosity (I write about this in the article „How not to make a mistake when choosing a wedding photographer?”), but in this case, they are not very relevant. I would much rather talk about your wedding celebration.

In childhood, many like to dream about their wedding day. A white dress like from a fairy tale, the father walking slowly towards the altar, secretly wiping away a tear, the groom trembling with happiness and excitement… Perhaps you imagine your wedding differently, but you probably won’t be mistaken saying that it’s one of the most emotional events in life.

Detailed wedding planning

I also, until I met my wonderful wife, used to think that somewhere on this earth walks my person. Everyone has a day in their life when they find their soulmate, sometimes brought by fate from the other side of the world. Then there are no doubts that you will share your life with that person, and gradually you approach wedding planning. It’s a joyful time: choosing the dress of your dreams, a makeup artist, a stylist, the venue for the celebration, writing invitations, diving into a myriad of dear concerns. You do everything very responsibly, sparing no time and effort, because you want everything to be like a dream. It’s no secret to anyone that fulfilling dreams also costs quite a bit.

And now try to imagine that your wedding day has just passed. It was like a fairy tale, and you undoubtedly still live in the mood of the wedding and eagerly await the photos, wanting to relive the experiences of the wedding day. This is where I gradually come in – photos, and only they, will remind you of the wedding day for the rest of your life, you will show them to your children. So isn’t it too daring to entrust the immortal moments to a friend or acquaintance, who perhaps has a good camera and has taken photos at someone’s birthday party once?

Why do I say this… I’ll admit, when I wasn’t yet a photographer, I made this mistake. To this day, I remember the most wonderful moments of my wedding, unfortunately, I don’t have beautiful photos to testify to them. I can’t forgive myself for it. I don’t even understand why I treated my celebration so irresponsibly?! I promised my wife to marry her again and find a suitable photographer for our wedding. I say this without irony!

So in conclusion, I just have to say that you will put on and take off your wedding dress, the solemn ceremony will pass, the luxurious car will drive away, the feast will end like the newlyweds’ first dance… All that will remain – are memories captured in photos, so make sure they are entrusted to a professional wedding photographer.

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