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Wedding Day Photography Timeline

Every wedding is unique in its own way, and that’s understandable – all newlyweds are unique.

However, to immortalize everything that is important, and everything is important at weddings – I recommend following a certain wedding photography plan.


It usually takes place in the morning, but that’s not a rule. The preparation photo session can vary:

  • a delicate bride’s session with a robe;
  • purely reportage – capturing preparation moments;
  • portrait photos of the bride;
  • photos with the bride’s parents.

Preparation may include all of the listed points or only some, depending on the situation and the bride’s preferences. The same goes for the groom’s preparation, although a session with a robe is usually not considered. A common situation is when the couple is separated by a considerable distance during preparation (for example, 100km or more), and their meeting is planned at the ceremony venue. In this case, when deciding whose preparation to photograph, I always recommend the bride. The groom is undoubtedly important, but the bride is paramount, especially since imitating (if necessary) several moments of the groom’s preparation is very simple and can be done later in the day.

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This is the place where the photographer must be particularly attentive. While certain moments can be repeated during the couple’s photo session, during the ceremony – all events are unique. It’s a place and time for unpredictable emotions. And I’m not just talking about the couple. While it’s important not to lose sight of the newlyweds, we mustn’t forget about the guests either. Mothers, fathers, and friends sometimes genuinely become emotional, and without capturing these moments, the wedding story wouldn’t be fully told.

By the way, if the ceremony takes place in a church, I always ask the priest about the internal rules of the church. I do this because in some places, you can walk freely, while in others, almost everything is prohibited. From experience, I know that by respectfully inquiring, the priest may look more favorably and allow more.

When photographing the ceremony, it’s important to maintain a respectful distance and to avoid intruding on the priest’s space for a better shot. Important and sensitive moments occur when the photographer keeps a distance and uses specialized equipment for close-ups.

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Photos after the Ceremony

After the ceremony, I suggest taking a group photo with the guests. If there’s a planned champagne reception with the guests after the ceremony – I observe and capture everything through the lens.

I try to take photos with the parents right away, usually near the church. It all depends on the situation, but most often, I aim for the newlyweds to have the following photos with their parents:

  • Bride with her parents;
  • Groom and bride with the bride’s parents;
  • Groom with his parents;
  • Groom and bride with the groom’s parents;
  • Both newlyweds with their parents (all together).

Then, photos with some guests, for example, those who only attended the ceremony to congratulate but won’t be present at the evening celebration.

Bridal Photoshoot

We proceed to the bridal photoshoot. During the session, the main focus is on the newlyweds, but if best man and maid of honor, friends, or couples are present, no one is left out. I believe that everyone invited to the wedding should have photos. During the photoshoot, I capture individuals, both girls and boys, all couples separately, and together with the newlyweds.

Speaking of the couple’s photoshoot, I take various types of photos. There are candid moments (reportage) and posed shots (where I suggest what to do).

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Arrival at the Venue

Upon arriving at the venue, the newlyweds usually take 10-20 minutes to rest and prepare to greet the guests. During this time, I photograph the hall/venue, all the decor details, and everything that is important to the newlyweds and for which time and material resources were allocated.

When the greetings are taking place, I always suggest that those who have greeted the couple don’t rush off but stay to take a group photo with the newlyweds. This ensures that every participant of the wedding celebration will have a photo with the newlyweds.

After the greetings, everyone takes their seats at the tables.

Evening Part

During the evening, I seek to photograph emotions. How? For example, if one of the guests makes a toast or speech about the couple, it’s an interesting and important moment to capture. However, after taking that photo, I always observe the listeners of the toast or speech because their emotions, such as laughter, astonishment, etc., will remind about the content of the speech.

Next, the first dance and other important moments. Although I photograph more passively during the evening part, if there’s an opportunity, I always ask the newlyweds to spare some time for a nighttime photoshoot. At least a few such photos beautifully conclude the story of the wedding day.

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In summary

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, every wedding is unique. Perhaps it’s weddings without preparation or evening parts, as there are no set rules on how to celebrate. The plan for the wedding day can vary greatly, but all those different and unique moments must be captured, and captured in a way that brings joy to look back on and remember.

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