Practical Photography Seminar in Rome

The practical seminar in Rome was one of the best events of my life. The experience I gained as a photographer is immeasurable, just like the experience I gained as a person. Photographers from various countries such as Greece, the USA, England, Canada, Poland, and others also participated in the seminar. They were amazing people with whom we became very good friends over the five days. I want to thank Jerry Ghionis for the invaluable seminar, which gave me so much not only as a photographer but also as a person, as well as Melissa, without whom this seminar would not have been so wonderful, Sally, who took care of everything and was our guiding light until the start of the seminar. Also, thanks to everyone who participated; it was unforgettable! Although, truth be told, I hope to repeat it again in the future :)

Rome is a wonderful city that I fell in love with, so wanting to share it with everyone, below I share a photo film.

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