Mantas Janavičius is an award-winning photographer based in Lithuania. At the begining of his career, he  learned and was inspired by the best photographers in the world. He has photographed hundreds of weddings not only in Lithuania but in Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, UK, and other European countries. Mantas photographs have been published in magazines and displayed in galleries nationwide and internationally. In 2015 Mantas was invited to join one of the most influential assosiation of wedding photographers BOWP (World’s Top Wedding Photographers).
Mantas wedding pictures have been awarded 15 Gold awards and more than 40 Silver awards.
Mantas is available worldwide.

A member of following associations

Best Of Eedding Photography


2014 SWPP

September, 2014 SWPP (United Kingdon) Gold Award in Wedding Traditional category.

2014 WEP

October, 2013 WEP (World Elite Photographers, Spain) Award.

2010 S.W.P.P.

February, 2010 SWPP (United Kingdon) Gold Award in Bridal portraiture category.

2013 S.W.P.P.

July, 2013 SWPP (United Kingdon) Gold Award in Wedding Avant Garde category.

2011 S.W.P.P.

January, 2011 SWPP (United Kingdon) Gold Award in Wedding contemporary category.

2010 S.W.P.P.

February, 2010 SWPP (United Kingdon) Gold Award in Wedding Traditional category.



October, 2013 WEP (World Elite Photographers, Spain) Award.

2015 WEP

April, 2015 WEP (World Elite Photographers, Spain) Award.

2012 S.W.P.P.

September, 2012 SWPP (United Kingdon) Gold Award in Wedding Avant Garde category.


On the same day, 3 years ago was our wedding day. It was very special, mystical, when your heart is beating faster and tears shines on eyes… I\’m very grateful to you Mantas, for all your input in our wedding, for this photos, which make me feeling special even after years when I am looking at them! These photos – are one of the most beautiful things of my wedding day. The best wishes to your career, Mantas, you are really high level professional! Best Regards, Jelena Feb. 15/2016

Wedding photographer Mantas Janavicius
Jelena and Boris

“Mantas, you are a very talented person! Thank you for the most wonderful wedding pictures! We cannot stop looking at them! You are unbelievable!”

Deimantė and Gytis

When hiring a wedding photographer Mantas Janavicius, you will definitely get double benefits, perhaps even without expecting it- not only the final result (divine photographs), but also the opportunity to get acquainted with the fascinating personality in the very process, which perfectly combines the ability to feel beauty and harmony with the aspiration of perfection and balance. And all this, filled with decisiveness, perseverance and endurance, radiates a great deal of energy and spirit strength. God Himself seems to have seen such a credible and responsible pioneer of the soul offered him to become a photographer and we are glad he agreed and that we had met him. It’s not just simply a professional, it’s like an original beacon, illuminating ones path to undiscovered aspirations. It’s a person you can boldly write an inspirational book and if such ever appears , please remember us, we would surely like to read it!

Almontas & Vaida

Almontas & Vaida

“Dear Mantas, we know that you have photographed so many couples on their wedding days; nevertheless, we felt that we were exceptionally important to you. You pay special attention to the couple, require the highest result. Thank you for a kind and warm communication as well as collaboration. All the best!”

Jolanta and Andrius

“Thank you Mantas for contributing to our wedding day, and now we are happy with wonderfully beautiful pictures. We cannot stop looking at them! It is so true that the wedding day flies by so quickly and all what is left just the pictures which hold all the memories. We are both happy to get to know you as a person, as a professional photographer, and unbelievably warm and kind person. We feel that we have known you for a long time. All the best for you and all your family.”

Valdonė and Nerijus

“The best photographer that we‘ve ever met. A woderful person, demanding professional who always knows how to make a perfect shot. Thanks to Mantas our wedding comes to life every time we look at our wedding album. Thank you!“

wedding photographer
Simona and Marius



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